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Written & Illustrated by Jesse Gidcumb 


Welcome to I.B. Giddy Books, where we believe that all children deserve to DREAM BIG. Our books inspire and encourage young minds to think outside the box and strive for greatness. We are proud to present our latest release, When I Am President, a story that encourages children to make a change and shows them the power of having a unique vision for the world. We believe every child has the potential to make a difference, whether they choose to become an astronaut, environmentalist, humanitarian, veterinarian, schoolteacher or join the military. Join us on this journey to inspire and uplift young readers everywhere!

CHERCHAY'S PEACE, by Michele Gidcumb, shows a boy’s arrival in the United States after immigrating with his family from Africa. He is unsure of himself in a place where many people look and act differently. Lucky for him, his grandmother is working on a quilt to help him make sense of it all. This story displays the natural ability of children to accept one another, to break down perceived barriers and share in each other’s creations. Its aim is to illustrate that peacefulness is not often found in separated pieces or parts. It results from everyone fitting together.

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Little Leo

The Blossoming Mind of

Leonardo da Vinci

Take an early look at the “Renaissance Man.” Look through the lens of photographer Jason Andrescavage as Leo unlocks the secrets of the observable world and investigates many fields of study: the ocean and nature, the physics of avian flight, human anatomy and patterns of proportion. Witness da Vinci as he makes his first sketch of the Mona Lisa!

Track the footsteps of a young boy and his dog as they go on a visual odyssey through today's energetic modern landscape. This story reminds us that electricity not only helps us warm our homes, charge our phones and power our toys, but it moves through the environment all around us. Our Electric World encourages kids to be bold, be brave and BE POSITIVE! 

A Trapeze with Cheese Please

Written by Bradley James

& Illustrated by Jesse Gidcumb

A Trapeze with Cheese Please is an action packed, zany, aerial attack for kids to enjoy! He is not svelte, slender, sleek, or smooth, but his persistence keeps him tumbling in the right direction; much to the delight of the captivated crowd. This 32-page book is full of sticky situations that all 2-5 year old children will applaud!

Our Electric World

By Jesse Gidcumb


The story came to me while standing on a San Francisco street corner one night waiting for the lights to change. I was captivated by the bright haze of the traffic lights and began tracing the electrical wires streaming down the city streets. It brought to mind the large network that connects us all. That current of energy found its way into my sketchbook and kept morphing into what it is today. Thomas Edison once said, "Vision without execution is hallucination." This has been my motto throughout the making of this book.


This is a personal book that captures the memories of my childhood; from evening walks to the local cinema with my parents, to the bedroom chaos I experienced as one of three boys sharing a single room, my Siamese cat peering out the window, my sister ever-so-diligently reading in her room and my personal favorite, flashlight tag! This story is steeped in nostalgia, but also turns the page to tomorrow.



"We bought this book for our daughter, and she absolutely loves it! I will definitely be buying this book for all our friends with children. The story and illustrations are so magical, and able to capture our daughters attention. This book will be one that we cherish forever!"                                                                  -By Christine Chase on August 26, 2014



"My two year old son LOVES this book. We purchased multiple copies to give for Christmas this year. Beautifully illustrated and he loves to make the sound effects Vrooom! ad Zap zap zap! :)"                   

-By H2osparkler on October 19, 2014

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