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  • by Jesse Gidcumb


This book came to being due a night on a street corner waiting for a stop-light to change. As usual, I stood and stared at the "Do not walk" sign as I waited to cross the street. Then my eyes began to wander. It was one of those moments where the world opens up for you and the ordinary becomes spectacular. I traced the power lines as they carried energy from one building to the next. I sensed the energy that they brought into the buildings and was fascinated at the way they streamed down the streets. Then, it clicked in my mind just how amazing electricity is and how it has completely transformed how we live and it continues to spur other technologies that are also changing our lives. I knew then that it would be my obsession for months to come. I went home with the visuals in my mind and that moment of realization close to my heart. I took a note pad that next morning to work. I couldn't wait for the chance to jot down some inspired lines of text on my lunch break. There, while eating a delicious plate of Chinese food, I penned the poem that eventually became the basis of the book OUR ELECTRIC WORLD.

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